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Lisboa KickStarter through Underhill's Games!

For more information about the Lisboa KickStarter and to see all of the stretch goals, CLICK HERE!


Board Game Sale - Select Games Now 35% Off!

While they last, 35% off select board games!  Come in and check out the sale table today!



The lowdown:

$5.00 per game for a two three day rental OR $10.00 for a seven day rental!  Maximum of three games can be rented at one time.  You must return all of the games rented before you can rent any more.

Games must be returned by 6:00pm on their due date!  $3.00 late fee per day per game, so return your games on time!  If you lose or damage a game, you bought it.  Also, if your late fees are greater than the cost of the game, you also bought it!

If you return all your rentals on time, you are eligible for a $5.00/$10.00 discount on a the purchase of a single game.  Offer valid on return date only, so return your games on time! :)  Discount is dependent on the length of rental.  Discount is per rental, not per rental item.

Requirements: Valid Credit Card, valid email address, and a valid phone number. 

Underhill's Games tokens are not accepted nor given for game rentals.

For more information, email the store at


Deluxe Limited Edition Playing Cards!

There is a wealth of beautiful playing cards currently being made and we have some of the best in stock!

From vintage 19th-century pirate themed art, to Dia de los Muertos themed, to just beautiful abstract, to historal reprints, you must see these decks to fully appreciate them!

Four Points - Mint Edition.  Limited to 2500.


A Deck of Skeletons.  All artwork fully illustrated by hand!


Muertos Original Night Edition!


Steampunk Bandits!


1876 Centennial Exposition Deck Restoration!

Come in today and get your favorites today!  Muertos, Steampunk, and Magruder Bandits are currently only available for preorder.


Pathfinder Society Black Weekend!

Attention Pathfinder Society players!  Avoid the crowds of shoppers by hiding indoors and playing Pathfinder!

Space for events is limited, so sign up today!  Sign ups are in-store only.

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